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Blood Component Therapy in Rwanda

This course is about guidelines of blood transfusion in Rwanda.  Blood transfusion refers to the administration of blood and blood components ( mainly Red Blood Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet concentrates and Cryoprecipitate ). Adherence to proper indications for blood component therapy is essential because of its potential adverse effects and costs of transfusion. At the hospital level, the staff caring transfused patients are requested to respect the Guidelines related to rational use of blood, based on the principle that blood is used only when nothing else can be done to save a life. The course  is designed for health care providers working in public and private health facilities where blood transfusion is done. It aims at providing clear guidance on the use of blood components and it is also a good opportunity for health care professionals (physicians, nurses, lab technicians) to exchange ideas on issues and challenges about blood transfusion so as to ensure safe blood transfusion practice. It is also open to any other person interested in fostering blood safety in Rwanda.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course , participants will be able:

1. To recognize the use of component therapy in care of needy patients

2. To be able to prescribe blood transfusion adequately

3. To be able to  administer blood components appropriately

4. To recall indications of blood components

5. To recall the dosage and dose response of blood components


Facilitators for this course are:

-          Dr Theophile Dusengumuremyi, contact e mail: ( RBC/NCBT)

-          Henry Desire Uwayo, Contact email: ( RBC/NCBT)

-          Didier Uwizera, Contact email: ( Health Builders )


One week ( 5 days)


- Computer

- Modem

- Internet