You are welcome to this module of Maternal Mental Health.

This Professional short course is aimed at developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards maternal mental health to introduce the learners to the quality maternal mental health care in an integrative and inter-professional approach. It will further provide the learners from different disciplines with a sound basis of knowledge in the prevention, detection and management of maternal/perinatal mental health problems. This Module has 5 credits and it will take five hours to complete.

You are welcome to this module of Gender and Gender Based Violence that is intended to healthcare practice.

The aim of this module is to make gender and GBV considerations an integral part of the training modules for health professionals at all levels. The concepts of Gender and GBV are one of the crosscutting relevant and crucial components to all health care professionals. In the training of people in-service, the concepts like gender and GBV and their impact on health will be addressed; to equip health care providers from different health programs with comprehensive knowledge, attitudes and skills to address gender and GBV issues in health care context. The participant is subject to a pretest before undertaking the module, while in training will continuously be assessed before the post test at the end of the module.

It will take you at least 4 hours to complete the module and will fully be online.