Medical equipment plays a vital role in healthcare; however, when it’s not properly used or maintained, it also can cause harm. 

In many instances, patient injuries occur because of assumptions about who may use, calibrate, modify, or repair equipment. Injuries also might arise from training gaps that don’t address pre-use testing, preventive maintenance, malfunction reports (and incident reports), and repair procedures.

A commitment to safety is an essential element of any process related to the use of medical equipment — whether the medical equipment is purchased, rented, borrowed, or leased.

Discover the different components of the MEMMS system.  MEMMS is a system that manages medical equipment, the use of spare parts, and corrective and preventive medical equipment maintenance in all health facilities. In this course, you will learn about the significance of MEMMS, how to record data on available equipment and spare parts, and the maintenance (corrective and preventive) of equipment. You will also be able to describe how to access and customize MEMMS reports.