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Financial management

This is a foundations course for financial management 

Introduction to Risk Communication

This course content was adapted from One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA)  Infectious Diseases Management (IDM) courses. in addition, other resources were consulted and  list of reference is provided. This course will introduce healthcare professionals to risk communication and best practices in  communicating the risk as well as barriers to effective communication.

Leadership, Management, and Governance Conceptual Framework and Practices

This course will ensure that individuals with supervisory roles within MoH, RBC, and professional councils can put the leadership skills gained from the leadership framework in practice and become "managers who lead." 

MOH New Staff Orientation

Learn about the health sector in Rwanda and how the Rwanda Ministry of Health provides and continually improves the health services of the Rwanda population through the provision of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health care. This course introduces visitors and new staff to the mission and organizational structure of the MOH while encouraging new staff to reflect on how they will contribute to mission and goals of the MOH.

National e-Learning Technical Committee Meetings

The National e-Learning Technical Committee (NELTC) reviews, approves, and evaluates e-Learning courses prior to launching them to their target populations. The National e-Learning Technical Committee (NELTC) meetings provide a platform for participants to enter questions and comments regarding discussion topics before, during, or after NELTC meetings.